Bielenda Moisturizing Hand Butter Raspberry 50g

Bielenda Moisturizing Hand Butter Raspberry 50g


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Fruit hand butters diversify everyday care with new ways of applying the product, a fresh look at classic care products.

Moisturizing Raspberry Hand Butter

If your hands are dry, rough, sensitive to adverse external factors and chemicals, requiring really intensive hydration and regeneration:

MOISTURIZING RASPBERRY hand butter is the perfect choice!

This innocent sweet package contains a real care “bomb” with the consistency of rich butter, whose task is to provide instant and long-lasting hydration and restore smoothness, softness and comfort to the skin of the hands.

The innovative HYDROPHOBIC FORMULA prevents excessive drying of the epidermis, creates a microscopic occlusive layer on its surface, giving it additional protection and strengthening.


RASPBERRY SEED OIL – improves the hydro-lipid barrier of the epidermis, supports its protective abilities, intensively moisturizes, nourishes, smoothes, helps to keep the skin looking young.

KARITE BUTTER – thanks to the content of omega 3-6 acids and vit. E butter noticeably oils, improves skin elasticity, helps to restore its proper condition, extraordinary softness and smoothness.

CANDELILLA WAX – oiling and smoothing ingredient with a protective function: it creates a film on the skin surface, which prevents moisture loss and increases the absorption of active ingredients.

Massage the butter into the skin of the hands as needed, leave it to be absorbed. Product for year-round use.