Farmona Radical Enzymatic Cleansing Scrub for sensitive scalp 75ml

Farmona Radical Enzymatic Cleansing Scrub for sensitive scalp 75ml


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Enzymatic cleansing scrub for sensitive, problematic and irritated scalp with triple strength.
Improves the condition of hair and scalp: removes dandruff, strengthens hair and prevents greasy hair.

Radical is a real breakthrough in hair care and in the fight against hair loss.
The peeling thoroughly cleanses the scalp, restoring its physiological balance, effectively moisturizes, soothes and soothes irritations, eliminates dandruff and clearly strengthens the hair.
An intelligent, natural formula based on the synergistic effect of specially selected active ingredients in high concentration provides a strengthening and soothing effect and instantly improves the condition of the scalp and hair.

The use of peeling is the first, important step in the proper care of the scalp and hair. The peeling perfectly cleanses and regenerates, improving the condition of the scalp and hair.
A special tip facilitates precise application of the cosmetic on the scalp.

Active ingredients:
Papain – perfectly cleanses the scalp, removes dead skin cells, impurities and cosmetic residues, providing a feeling of freshness and comfort.
Horsetail and cotton extracts – clearly strengthen the hair and moisturize, soothe irritations and regenerate the scalp.
Zinc PCA – removes dandruff and reduces the tendency to its formation and prevents greasy hair.
Prebiotic – cares for the natural microbiome, restoring the skin’s balance.

Apply the peeling to the scalp and perform a gentle massage. Leave for 3-4 minutes, then rinse with warm water and wash your hair with shampoo. Use regularly, 1-2 times a week.