Floslek DERMO EXPERT® ANTI-AGING Concentrate that fills wrinkles 30 ml

Floslek DERMO EXPERT® ANTI-AGING Concentrate that fills wrinkles 30 ml


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DERMO EXPERT® ANTI-AGING Wrinkle filling concentrate 30 ml – Floslek

DERMO EXPERT® wrinkle-filling concentrate is a rich and intensive face serum with a light consistency, intended for targeted care of all skin types with visible signs of the passage of time. If your complexion requires smoothing, improving tension and leveling discolorations, use the anti-wrinkle serum with a highly moisturizing and regenerating formula of Dermo Expert® concentrate. Concentrate for wrinkles used regularly, restores the skin’s fresh and radiant appearance, reduces signs of fatigue, ensures proper elasticity and brightens the skin. Light and silky texture spreads easily, giving immediate hydration.

Studies** confirm the excellent effects of DERMO EXPERT® ANTI-AGING Wrinkle Filler Concentrate:
– Smoothes and reduces the visibility of wrinkles; reduces skin discoloration,
– Reduces signs of fatigue,
– Provides the skin with softness and smoothness,
– Makes the skin velvety to the touch,
– Provides a feeling of hydration and nourishment of the skin,
– Regenerates and smoothes the skin,
– Increases the firmness and elasticity of the skin,
– Restores skin radiance,
– It is an excellent base for make-up,
– Restores elasticity to the skin,
– Restores the skin’s fresh and radiant appearance.

** Application and apparatus tests carried out under dermatological control on a group of people aged 30-59.

How to use: Every morning and/or evening, apply the concentrate to the cleansed skin around the eyes, face, neck and cleavage. The concentrate can be used as an independent dermocosmetic or under a care cream.