Herbal Bath Salt Refreshing Rose & Neroli – My Soap Bubbles

Herbal Bath Salt Refreshing Rose & Neroli – My Soap Bubbles


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Botanical bath salts are a great way to add a little something extra to your bathing experience. These salts are made with natural ingredients, like dried herbs, essential oils, and plant extracts. They provide therapeutic benefits and a beautiful scent to your bath water, while also helping to detoxify and nourish the skin. Botanical bath salts are typically made with natural, non-toxic ingredients, making them safe for everyone to use.

This salt is created to detoxify your body and refreshing your mind.

  • Epsom salts ease stress, relieve inflammations and muscle pains, improve blood circulation and eliminate toxins from the body.
  • Sea salts provide minerals and natural healing elements. These salts( Pink and Sea ) contain sulfur, which helps clean and treats skin conditions like dermatitis and acne scars.
  • Corn starch nourishes and gently cleanses the skin and can also help soothe irritated skin.
  • Kaolin pink clay cleanses your skin and removes any impurities and excess oils.
  • Sugar moisturizing your skin and leave soft and moisturized.

Enjoy the fragrant and creamy relaxation of nature!

Instructions for use:
When the bath is almost full, add the required mixture to the running hot water and stir.

Our Refreshing Bath Salt is Sufficient for up to 6-7 full baths.

Please keep the salts in a dry and cool place. Jar will be perfect.


INCI: Epson salt, sea salt, pink salt, corn starch, sugar, aweet almond oil, pink t clay, fragrance, rose petals


Weight: 300gram

The salt is packed in a brown paper eco bag.

Shelf Life: 6months from oppening