Herbal Deodorant – Handmade by My Soap Bubbles

Herbal Deodorant – Handmade by My Soap Bubbles


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Availability: 4 in stock

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Herbal Deodorant Cream

All skin types

Natural herbal deodorant based on shea butter, with baking soda and white clay to absorb moisture, with zinc oxide and allantoin to relieve possible irritation (post shave!) And ingredients that have a bactericidal effect and give a nice smell…

Active Ingredients in Deodorant Creams:

  • White Clay Powder – moisture-absorbing properties, removing odour
  •  Shea Butter – antibacterial and hydrating properties
  •  Coconut Oil – antibacterial and hydrating properties
  • Sodium Bicarbonate – a fatty acid neutralizer responsible for the odour
  •  Zinc Oxide – antibacterial and hydrating properties
  • Allantoin – comes from the comfrey root and got anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties

Deodorant removes an unpleasant body odour by preventing the bacteria from causing the smell with a slight antiperspirant effect – thanks to added zinc oxide (without nanoparticles).


It has the form of a thick, non-greasy paste that lubricates the skin 🙂

I have tested it – it does not leave greasy or white or wet stains on the clothes, and the smell is still nice 🙂

Free from carcinogenic aluminium salts!

How to Use the Deodorant Cream:

After showering, take a small amount of deodorant with your finger and gently massage the fine layer into the armpits until fully absorbed. During hot summer days, you can apply thinner layers of the product several times a day.

Store this product in a dry, cool, dark place to maintain quality.

INCI: shea butter, coconut oil,  sunflower oil,  extract from Calendula ( Marigold ), baking soda, corn flour, zinc oxide, allantoine, white clay, vegetable glycerine,  zinc ricinoleate, fragrance.


Weight : 50 ml

Shelf Life : 6 months from oppening