KOSMED Argan oil 100% for face, hair and nails 50ml

KOSMED Argan oil 100% for face, hair and nails 50ml


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Argan oil 100% 50ml
Cold pressed, unrefined, eco-certified
Argan oil is a natural product with unique properties. Thanks to the exceptionally high content of active substances, including unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, it significantly delays the aging process. Regenerates, strengthens and nourishes hair, skin and nails.

Strengthens and moisturizes
Nourished hair becomes smooth and full of shine
Regenerates damaged hair
With dandruff problems
For daily care of all hair types


Moisturizes and firms
Prevents skin cracking
Nourished and regenerated skin regains its natural silky glow and delicacy
Applied to the face and neck, it reduces wrinkles and limits the formation of new ones
Reduces the visibility of scars, reduces cellulite
It is recommended for the regeneration of skin prone to acne, psoriasis and eczema
It is perfectly absorbed


Strengthens and regenerates brittle, brittle nails
Prevents split ends
Effectively nourishes and moisturizes the cuticles around the nails, thanks to which the nails gain a younger, healthier appearance


Face: put a few drops of oil in your hands, massage with circular movements into the skin of the face and neck.
When using oil for massage of the whole body, warm the oil in your hands and then massage it thoroughly. Use 2 times a day.

Regularly rub the oil into your hands, especially nails and cuticles, or directly into the nail plate.

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