Natural Lip Balm – Handmade by My Soap Bubbles

Natural Lip Balm – Handmade by My Soap Bubbles


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Natural Lip Balm

moisturizing and protective

natural lip balm


A natural lip balm is a lip balm made from natural ingredients, such as beeswax, natural oils, and natural extracts. Natural lip balms are often used to soothe and moisturize lips, prevent dryness, and protect lips from environmental damage. Natural lip balms are often made without artificial fragrances or colors, and without harsh chemicals.

  • Cocoa butter and honey are  ultra-moisturising and really works to heal your lips, leaving them looking beautiful.
  • Beeswax  and lanoline locks in moisture.
  • The natural oils ( castor oil and sweet almond oil ) in our lip balms sink into the skin, helping to soothe, moisturise, hydrate and condition your lips.
  • Pure natural Vitamin E  is extra antioxidant protection too.

All our lip balms are 100% vegetarian, handmade, all-natural and unscented.


INCI: unrefined cacao butter, jojoba perals, sweet almond oil, castor oil, beeswax, lanoline, calendula extract, honey, vitamin E


Weight: 15 ml in aluminium tin

Shelf Life : 6 month from oppening