Perfecta Concentrated Fabric Mask Phenomenon C 1pc

Perfecta Concentrated Fabric Mask Phenomenon C 1pc


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Face masks on Perfecta fabric are soaked in extremely rich ingredients
active with emulsions, thanks to which they work extremely effectively. They fit perfectly
to the skin of the face, creating an occlusion that allows the ingredients to penetrate better
skin. The masks are comfortable and pleasant to use, and their effects are visible immediately
after application.


A concentrated mask on fabric with an intense rejuvenating, firming and color-balancing effect. Thanks to the precise adherence of the material to the face, the mask creates an occlusion on the skin, thanks to which the ingredients penetrate quickly and evenly and work effectively. Recommended for year-round care of all skin types, regardless of age.

10% Complex CTH
a unique combination of three concentrated forms of vitamin C – lipophilic, liposomal and hydrophilic C5300 and SVCT-1 transporters stimulating the transport of vitamin C directly to skin cells. It is responsible for brightening, energizing the skin and antioxidant effect. It has an anti-aging effect, improves skin firmness and elasticity, reduces wrinkles. It increases the synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid in the skin, and also prevents skin damage caused by UV radiation.

a stable form of retinol suspended in a molecular film. It stimulates the process of cell renewal and differentiation, thanks to which it reduces the signs of skin aging. It has anti-wrinkle and elasticizing properties.

high molecular weight, perfectly binds water and maintains the right level of hydration.