SIELANKA Scalp and hair lotion stimulating growth – “Forest Jeżyna” 100ml

SIELANKA Scalp and hair lotion stimulating growth – “Forest Jeżyna” 100ml


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Scalp and hair lotion STIMULATING HAIR GROWTH – Forest blackberry 100 ml
Treatment for the scalp and hair with the sweet scent of forest blackberry. The natural composition of wcierki has been selected in terms of properties to strengthen weak and damaged strands, reduce their loss and stimulate the growth of new ones.

The key component of the formula is horsetail extract, which stimulates microcirculation, resulting in strengthening, nourishment and oxygenation of the bulbs, their regeneration and initiation of the process of new hair growth, the so-called. baby hair. Its effect is enhanced by blackberry seed oil, known for its conditioning properties. Systematic use of the preparation makes the hair visibly thicker, shiny and resistant to damage.

Active ingredients:

BLACKBERRY SEED OIL – nourishes and moisturizes the scalp.

FIELD HORSETAIL EXTRACT – conditions the scalp, strengthens the hair.

Aqua (Water), Citrus Limon, Inulin, Alpha-Glucan Oligosaccharide, Niacinamide, Glycerin, Equisetum Arvense Extract, Rubus Fruticosus (Blackberry) Seed Oil, Panthenol, Polysorbate 20, Polyaminopropyl Biguanide, PEG-6 Caprylic/Capric Glycerides, Parfum.